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Student Loan Debt?
Did you know that if you are employed by a not-for-profit organization, such as MDSC, you may be eligible to receive student loan forgiveness under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program? To learn more about the program or to find out if you qualify visit studentaid.ed.gov. If you find that you do qualify, PSLF Employment Certification Forms are available from Human Resources. Please contact Cynthia at Ext. 130 for a form or more information.

Open AM Positions

MDSC has four Assistant Manager positions available at this time:

Easy: Mon 2pm - 10pm, Thur - Fri 2pm - 10pm, and Sat & Sun 7am - 3pm.
Foss: Mon - Tue 3pm - 11pm, Wed 2pm - 10pm, and Sat & Sun 7am - 3pm.
Kent: Mon - Wed 2pm - 10pm, and Sat & Sun 7am - 3pm.
Wylie: Mon - Wed 2pm - 10pm, and Sat & Sun 7am - 3pm.

If you are interested in applying for an AM position please submit a transfer request, cover letter, and resume (if not on file) to Colleen Boddy, Director of HR. More information on the position can be found on MDSC's Open Position list.

**$200.00 Sign-on Bonus is also being offered for the RAM position, The sign-on bonus is payed out in two installments. The first $100.00 is payable after 30 days of employment in the position, and second $100.00 is payable at 4th month of employment in the position.**

Referral Bonus

Did you know that by referring an employee to MDSC YOU can earn $300?

Research shows that some of the best employees are those who are referred by current, excellent employees. If you refer someone for a DSP or RAM position who is hired and stays with us for at least 6 months, you will receive a $300 referral bonus. Both employees must be current at the time of payment. New candidates can apply online or in person. Please be sure to refer only those for whom you can honestly vouch.

Referred employees will need to tell HR who referred them at the time of application, interview, or hire.

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