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Assistant Manager Position

MDSC has an Assistant Manager position available at Curtis Mod, Mon-Wed 2-10p; Sat-Sun 7-3p. If interested, please submit a transfer request, cover letter, and resume (if not on file) to the HR Director. More information on the position can be found on MDSC's Open Position list.

Announcement #2 In a Series

Health CheckMDSC

Remember: Participation is open to all employees, regardless of tenure, employment status or insurance coverage. Screening will take place at the MDSC Center the week of May 11th. Individuals who participate fully in HealthCheck360 will receive a one-time incentive bonus of $75*. In future years additional incentives may be offered for maintaining or improving your level of health.

Information on how to schedule your screening appointment will be coming soon.

What does the HealthCheck360 program include?

  1. Biometric Screening: A screening given by a certified health professional, which includes a series of measurements and a blood draw. The exam requires an eight hour fast before your scheduled appointment.
  2. Health Risk Assessment Survey: A lifestyle survey that includes topics shown to be significant future health risks. After the survey is complete, you will receive an individual report outlining your HealthCheck360 score (0-100) and an overview of your physical and emotional health. The score you receive is based solely on objective measurements from the screening. The way you answer the survey questions has no effect on the score you receive.
  3. Inbound Health Coaching Call: A call with a HealthCheck360 Health Coach to review your biometric results, set attainable goals, and gain confidence in your ability to maintain good health.
  4. MyHealthCheck360: An online wellness portal provides nutrition and activity trackers, articles targeted to you, the ability to form interest groups, and the chance to participate in wellness challenges with coworkers.

For a quick overview click here:www.healthcheck360.com/programoverview

All information is confidential. Your personal results will not be shared with any representatives at MDSC.

*Please note: If you are unable to meet a health outcome for an incentive under the HealthCheck360 Program, you can work with HealthCheck360 and, if you wish, your primary care physician for an opportunity to earn the same incentive through a reasonable alternative process. To speak with a representative about what options are available to you, contact HealthCheck360 at 1-866-511-0360 by 05/22/2015.

At MDSC we care about the health of our employees and their families. If you have any questions regarding this program please contact me.

Colleen Boddy
Director of Human Resources

LPN/RN Position

$300 signing bonus! One half at hire, one half at completion of 6 months.

MDSC has an open position for a nurse who has completed the education portion of their requirement. Consideration will be given to those who are awaiting certification. More information on the position can be found on MDSC's Employment Listings.

GMOs and Organic Foods

There has been a lot of talk recently about GMOs and organic foods. If you have wondered what this means and how it may affect your health, then this is for you!
Please join us to learn more!

Presented by
Joanna Vanderwall
Physical Trainer and Nutritional Specialist

Wednesday, March 18th at 10AM
Friday, March 27th at 4PM
At the center

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